Better Coordination.

Care 24/7 team members are an extension of the Provider or Healthcare System, and build the bridge for patient-relationship management services for their patients.  Enrollment Specialists, Nurse Managers, Transitional Care Specialists, and Wellness Coordinator team members serve as a vital part of the coordination efforts provided by Care 24/7.

Better Care.

Care 24/7 meets the needs of patients by deliberately organizing patient care activities in an effort to achieve wellness.  Patients needs and preferences are known ahead of time and communicated appropriately to the right people to provide care to the patient in a safe, appropriate and effective way.

Better Outcomes.

Care 24/7 facilitates better outcomes in terms of improved population health management, strengthened patient-provider relationship through a service value model, reduced re-admissions to the hospital, reduced emergency department use, increased revenue through transitional care and chronic care management.

Key Features of Care 24/7 Services

blue hex_nurseA care coordination team of Wellness Coordinators and licensed nurses check up on patients on a regular basis

blue hex_computerCustom patient management software, inter-operable with most EHR systems, providers stay informed of patients’ progress between visits

blue hex_clipboardCare 24/7’s software platform documents all patient interactions and generates auditable reports ready-made for CMS and other insurer billing

blue hex_patient and bagWellness Coordinators assist patients to take an active role in their health by working with their providers to jointly prepare a care plan

blue hex_pcmhAchieve Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition.  PCMH recognition may earn practices additional private insurer revenue for CCM and TCM services.


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