Care 24/7, LLC opens doors AND OPPORTUNITIES

Resource Center Providing Job Opportunities and Economic Growth Potential in Ironton, OH

Ironton, OH, November 17, 2016– Care 24/7, LLC is excited to partner with Bill Dingus, PhD, the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation and the communities of Southern Ohio in opening our Patient Resource Center in Ironton. The Center has capacity to employ up to 80 local healthcare workers at various levels of clinical expertise to provide virtual care coordination services on behalf of their healthcare providers. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other insurers reimburse providers that offer Chronic and Transitional Care Management for their patients as part of the broader initiative to shift the U.S. healthcare industry from a fee-for-service business model that emphasizes treating diseases to one that also incorporates prevention and wellness.

The Ironton Patient Resource Center (IPRC), along with the existing Knoxville, TN Resource Center, will be at the leading edge of how health systems and providers can offer wellness and preventive care with a focus on improved patient satisfaction that includes 365/24/7 access to clinical advice and assistance. In the years to come, patients will have ‘real time’ assistance to stay abreast of their health and well-being. “As someone with roots to Southern Ohio, I am pleased that Care 24/7 can partner with this community to better serve providers and patients throughout the nation”- Holly Clark, MSN, Chief Clinical Officer, Care 24/7, LLC

While the IPRC will serve patients throughout the nation, Care 24/7 LLC hopes to provide care coordination services for area health care providers in the Southern Ohio/ Northern Kentucky area and their patients. As the area providers participate, this will allow the IRPC to add additional jobs.

“Care coordination is identified by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) as a key strategy that has the potential to improve the effectiveness, safety, and efficiency of the American health care system. Well-designed, targeted care coordination that is delivered to the right people [at the right time] can improve outcomes for everyone: patients, providers, and payers.” (Source: )

If you would like more information about Care 24/7 LLC, please contact Holly Clark at 800.218.3780 or email at