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Terms of Use


1. Patient Support Services, not Medical Provider

Care 24/7 is not a health care provider. Care 24/7 does not provide actual consultations nor prescribe medications. Care 24/7 does is to help patients understand and follow the care plan and treatment options determined by their providers.

2. It Takes a Team, Including the Patient

One of Care 24/7’s missions is to empower patients to take charge of their health. Care 24/7 Wellness Coordinators explain patients’ treatment options, as well as coordinate care amongst their providers.  However, the patient must take ownership of their care: complying with doctors’ instructions, attending appointments, taking prescribed medications properly, having a healthy diet, getting enough rest, etc.

3. Patient Information Belongs to Patients

Just as Care 24/7 considers patient privacy and information security critical to our business, so should patients, providers, and institutional clients. We ask that patients limit access to their account to designated family members and caregivers and providers listed in their contacts. We will not disclose any patient information to anyone outside of this list without the permission of their patient or their legal proxy.

4. Sharing the Right Data Helps Everyone

Care 24/7 would like to use relevant and anonymous patient data to do conduct operations and clinical research. By aggregating and analyzing such data, we hope to help all of our clients identify the most cost-effective treatments, operational efficiencies, and find useful insights that can help individual patients with their care. None of this data will be linked to you (will not use Personally Identifiable Information).